Spacepak A/C Systems

High Velocity Cooling Systems for homes that use radient boiler heating

High velocity systems offer more consistent temperature throughout each room in your home, versus conventional forced air cooling systems. With high velocity systems, air is delivered to a room at a higher velocity–typically 2,000 ft/sec–four times the velocity of a conventional central air system, creating air currents that circulate cooled air throughout the room. This high aspiration ratio is good, because it means that a greater quantity of air is kept in motion, with less chance of air stagnation and temperature variation. Unlike conventional systems which allow warm air to rise and create hot or cool spots in a room, the high velocity system eliminates these problems, creating a consistent temperature floor to ceiling, wall to wall.

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Ask your All Temp professional for more information, and if this system would be the choice for your home. We feature Spacepak for new installation, and we service Unico and other manufacturers of high velocity cooling.