Duct Cleaning

Breathe easier…with Professional Air Duct Cleaning by All Temp.

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Trust All Temp. Our advanced Rotobrush Air Duct Cleaning System thoroughly cleans the inside of your vents from deposits of dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and other irritants…for results that last for years. Left untreated, these harmful elements that line your vents will continue to circulate throughout your home every time your a/c or heating is on.

Our professional duct cleaning system is the best. It utilizes a combination of compressed air filtration… powerful vacuums… and rotary brush agitation that scrubs and cleans the interior wall of your ducts, top to bottom. It is so effective that we can promise over 99.9% of dirt, duct and debris will be removed. In fact, we use a compact, flexible Inspection camera (with a light) with a 120° wide-angle, HD camera lens which allows us to snake and view the inside of your ductwork.

You will be amazed how All Temp duct cleaning improves your home’s indoor air quality. That’s because our service team is also the best in the business. Trained and NADCA certified. Backed by a company that has been in business since 1938.

So don’t be fooled by unknown companies or others who may promise you results at a cheap price just to get the job. Beware of such deception. Often, once they begin, you may be told about numerous additional charges. And if the job they perform only takes an hour or two, you’re being short-changed. It usually takes All Temp 5 hours or longer for our 2 man crew to complete a job.